We’ve all heard about ALL THE THINGS everyone says we should have to be an effective school counselor. 

But without a plan, you'll likely:
spend a ton of time trying to chase everything down,
feel overwhelmed by all the choices, and-
pay for a bunch of stuff you don't really need. 👎🏼

The School Counselor Must-Haves guide is a curated list that shows exactly you what you want to create an amazing school counseling office easily, quickly, and without wasting your money. 

Build a rockstar school counselor arsenal... without wasting a ton of money


✓ 8 categories of school counselor must-haves for maximum effectiveness

✓ The key tools your colleagues recommend (avoid buying useless resources!)

✓ All the things your smartest colleagues know actually work

Inside the must-haves guide, you'll find:

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