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School counseling is one of the most rewarding professions on the planet, but also one of the most intense and misunderstood. Most school counseling resources continue to focus on ultra-filtered, perfect-world examples of school counseling instead of the raw, real-world realities of the profession we love: that’s why we created this podcast.

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The School for School Counselors podcast is for school counselors working their hearts out while fearing they’ll never meet the expectation of a “perfect” comprehensive program. It’s for school counselors who are feeling frustrated, discouraged, or misunderstood. And it’s for those of us who just simply LOVE working in and thinking about school counseling because we want to learn, grow and inspire positive change in students. If you’ve been looking for a circle of school counselor colleagues who just GET IT, and if you’re not afraid to be REAL about things like comprehensive school counseling programs, data-driven school counseling, and the joys and real challenges of the modern school counselor’s role on campus, you’ve come to the right place!

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- JBF417

 I like how you point out the issues in school counseling but also advocate for change. This podcast has helped inspire me for the upcoming school year. I can’t wait to hear the Best Year Ever workshop!

I could not LOVE this more! I am in my 15th year of school counseling, and everything that you talk about is so true. 

- Dulce M

School counseling is a tough job and this podcast is perfect to help one get through a tough day. Please keep them coming!

This is a great podcast to listen to and feel understood.

- jmwelk

Really good insight and solid reminders of who we are as counselors and what our role is. I can’t wait for future episodes!

This is the podcast I didn’t know I needed. 

- cvanhoff

As a new counselor I’m so grateful to have a resource that will help deal with the real world of the day to day in a school counselor’s life.

I’m so glad to have access to this resource. 

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As a veteran educator of 25 years, full-time school counselor (and licensed therapist), I am passionate about advocating not only for children’s mental health, but for more stability and access to healthy school counselors within equitable and ethical systems. 

And healthy school counselors require realistic systems and expectations.

As the founder of School for School Counselors and host of the School for School Counselors Podcast, I work every week to bring you real-world truth and insights with a heaping dose of empowerment, advocacy and motivation to all my amazing school counseling colleagues and friends.

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