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Self-care: a principle that evokes either excitement and hope or skepticism and annoyance. Let’s dive deep into the complex dynamics of self-care: why it can feel stressful, dismissive, unrealistic, and ignorant at times, and identify how to actually use self-care to its full advantage. How often do administrators and other well-meaning folks schedule required in-service […]

The Lie of Self-Care

Looking for a school counseling job? After completing your masters program, learning all the counseling theories, writing the papers, and paying for your education, it’s certainly important to get hired fast! And while there’s tons of information out there on the internet about the supposed “best” practices of interviewing, much of it contains useless information […]

Preparing for Your School Counselor Interview

In a recent colleague interview, we spoke with Coreena G., a school counselor from the midwest United States. Coreena spent 5 years as a classroom teacher before becoming a behavior interventionist, then moving into the role of school counselor. Her experience as a teacher and working 1-on-1 with challenging students has guided her entire perspective […]

CCR: School Counseling Climate, Culture & Relationships

We had the pleasure of talking with Jennifer M, a school counselor in California. Jennifer has worked in every grade level, ranging from elementary, middle, high school, and even K-8 schools.  She has a vast amount of knowledge in the school counseling field, but also has first-hand teaching experience. Has this helped her become a […]

Building Terrific Tier I Supports

We love talking to our school counseling colleagues all over the world and had the pleasure of speaking with G’Nel, a School for School Counselors Facebook member, about her fears and excitement in beginning her school counseling journey. We asked G’Nel what she looked forward to most about moving into her dream role as a […]

Advice for First-Year School Counselors