In this FREE workshop series, we're flying past the tired, heard-it-everywhere advice about getting ready for the new school year and getting into the heart of what REALLY WORKS.

Get ready for straight talk, awesome ideas, and amazing resources to prep your Best Year Ever 

Get ready for your Best Year Ever!


This free workshop series will be held in our School for School Counselors Zoom Room July 23-26 at 8 pm EST.  
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If you haven't attended one of our workshops before, we want you to know that it's not like the school counseling workshops you typically see.  There's no one person droning on blah-blah-blah, trying to make sure you think they're the smartest person in the room (or on the zoom!) while you're expected to sit and get. 

School for School Counselors was founded on the idea that we're better- and smarter- together.  Expect an experience as interactive as you want to be, from attending live on zoom to watching a replay.  We lead with AMAZING information and integrate your thoughts and questions into the mix.   

"Best Year Ever" is SO WORTH IT!

⭐ A BIG idea that you were taught in grad school that's misleading (and potentially dangerous) for school counselors

⭐ Reverse-engineering your year for ultimate awesomeness, WITHOUT overwhelm

⭐ The essential materials EVERY school counselor needs at their fingertips, starting Day 1

⭐ Needs assessments, their setup, and why you probably don't even want to consider one

⭐ What to ask in a Minute Meeting, and how they transform you into an instant rockstar

⭐ And TONS more! 

We'll talk about...


⭐ An exciting NEW development for the school counselor world that's going to give you SO MUCH confidence and clarity!

And as we strive to OVERDELIVER every time, you can expect many great resources in the mix as well- and maybe even a surprise or two... 

Simply put, "Best Year Ever!" is going to be a game-changer, and we'd love for you to join us.

If you're a school counselor ready for a year of greatness, join now.

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